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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Life's an Experience

I believe that life is an experience within itself. Your face doesn't have to hit the silver screen or on the cover of a magazine to be "relevant".Think of all the things you've been through as an individual that most can never say they've done or experienced. that's relevance in my book. Your life is like mini episodes detailing the experiences of your life, give God something good to read about.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Its Tuesday

Good Morning my Bloggers,
today is Tuesday and I'm currently sitting at my desk at work. This morning i woke up still thinking about yesterday. I had a heated debate with some friends over a previous blog i posted. They don't feel the same way about what i believe in and i can understand that,i really can. but i sometimes feel like they take me for a fool because of what i talk about. I feel like I'm the butt of the joke when i mention symbolism i see, its like they see it but think I'm crazy for reading up on it. I don't know, i try to put myself in their shoes but i don't think they do the same for me. i ended up sending them a message explaining how i felt about the situation and we talked about it. I believe everything is cool now but i believe maybe we will have to eventually talk about it again,face to face; because i feel like things aren't still addressed on this issue.till then i wont mention it around them because i guess i value their friendship that much to not bring it up if it makes them uncomfortable...

Monday, June 27, 2011

"Like A Deer Caught In HeadLights...The Autobiography of Christopher Carlisle"

Stuck in a whirlwind,
Gasping for air.
Worst than suffocation,
But something like deprivation.
Feeling after feeling,
Weighed upon my shoulders.
Not knowing if I want to remain,
Or move further.
These thoughts tremble through my dome,
Leaving me in the zone
And feeling alone...
No more room for mistakes,
Thus avoiding confusion.
My life is an open book,
Time to write my conclusion…

When I think back to my child hood, I can think of so many detailed memories; the good and bad. I guess you can say I’ve had one of those roller coaster rides of a life that seems as if I’d never get off. –

On June 14th, 1987 at 3:11 pm a little curly black haired boy was born to the proud parents Trecia and Walter Carlisle at Crawford Long Hospital. Soon after birth, Christopher was rushed to intensive care because of an ear infection due to amounts of fluid located deep in his ears. That little black boy was me, I was one of those fat babies that you would see and you thought they were older than what they were; only to find out their not. Growing up, I didn’t have a care in the world; I had my teenage mutant ninja turtles and batman was role model. I was a simple kid, full of imagination and a thirst to always learn something different. The earliest memory I can recall was growing up in the projects on the west side of Atlanta. Actually, it was only one memory to be exact. I remember playing outside a night, waiting on my mom and two sisters to come outside because we were going out to eat that night. Being the hyper active kid I was, I remember running around in the grass and jumped off a sewer cap that was high off the ground. As soon as my feet touched the ground I landed right on top of a shattered beer bottle; cutting my ankle. I remember screaming at the top of lungs and falling to the ground. Out came my mom running to my aid, and picking me up and bringing me into the apartment. Mind you, when I was younger my mom was very heavy set and I think that was fastest I’ve ever seen her run….actually run at all for that matter. But once we were in the house, my mom took a look at my ankle and it gushed with blood. I remember the blood distinctly because I screamed every time I looked at it. She sat me in the sink and stuck my leg under the running faucet. Standing outside the bathroom, I remember my sisters looking mad because they really wanted to go out to eat and they thought I was just being a baby.
When I was four years old, we moved to Decatur, Georgia on a little street called Brower Street. Growing up on B-Street was something like simplicity; it was my mom, dad, two sisters, my grandma, and me. My grandmother had a stroke before I was born and was paralyzed on the left side of her body so she lived with us. Grandma V was one tough cookie, she would tell it like it was but at the same time made you love her even more. She didn’t let her disability get her down and never let an argument go undone until she had something to say about it. I have so many child hood memories growing up in that house, but nothing compared to what came later……More to Come,Stay tuned...


woke up this morning feeling revitalized, i have a new mindset and I'm sticking to it. Ive learned that some people in your life are mental or physical experiences. Some for the good & others for the bad. Either its to show you a new path, close a path you've come across or allows you to walk that path with someone by your side. Each experience has its own meaning but its up to you to root out the bad experiences and learn from them.I believe that God gave Man the power to make their own decisions and paths in life. Choosing who you accompany yourself with, who you date, who you interact with, all are your very own decisions..

How do you guys feel about this statement? i wanna know.

Ignorance is Bliss...For Some

Ignorance is Bliss For Some
by Christopher Carlisle on Tuesday, May 3, 2011 at 11:37am

I think the worst thing you could do is to show someone that your ignorant...ignorance is a disease that is taking our society by whole. Not being knowledgeable of the things going on around you is completely naive and in a state, its being ignorant. It hurts my heart when my very own race sometimes are recognized for being ignorant and uneducated. The African American society "Now-a-Days" have gotten so caught up in humanity and addiction, its sad. Look at the entertainment world, We idolize stars for money, drugs, and sex. money, has always been depicted as "the root of all evil" but yet we STILL are obsessed with it, Drugs have altered our mindset and the ability to think clear because we constantly pump our bodies of it, and Sex in the black society is considered an addiction, look at the HIV & AIDS statistics. The Black race has the highest positive rate than any other race in the world for contracting HIV/AIDS...why is that?? because we fall feeble to..addiction. We put our minds in boxes and ship them off for someone else to do the thinking.We as a whole make ourselves "ignorant". Our Ancestors were idolized for being Kings and Queens, making decisions in life that changed peoples lives as well. We made a difference in history and every modern marvel is proof of that. The pyramids, The Stone Henge, Dames, Bridges, Monumental statues, even Arithmetic has been traced back to being originated in Africa. All of these inventions were created by the black race but nun credited to them. I am not trying to play the "the White man is the devil" phrase but history doesn't lie, only the future does.We've lost track of the main reason why The Black race was put on this earth, for originality and diversity. We as a race has added more achievements, more intellectual advancements than any other race. and if you don't believe me, look it up. its there. Break yourself out of ignorance, because if you don't...who will?? So much has been taking from our history, only the minor things were left in. Don't get me wrong, Martin Luther King was a amazing man. but he was only a vessel to convey the message of God.Martin Luther King was put on this earth to remind our race that we are stronger than what we think we are, to not become victims of ignorance but to make a difference. but yet, everyday you see we fall short to the very thing we are recognized for.Money..Drugs..& Sex and what does it do, kill us. Become a vessel, educate yourself and realize that you can make a difference...hell, your ancestors did..why not you?

Music and Its Influence on you

Music and its influence on you
By Christopher Carlisle on Sunday, June 26, 2011 at 11:23am
Music can remain in your subconscious for years at time and can honestly make u victim to things your conscious isn’t aware of. Have you ever had a stupid song stuck in your head that you don't know how it got there? Or started singing a song out the blue that u haven’t heard in a min? Your subconscious retains all of this, even when you’re too blind to notice its influence on your mind. READ ABOUT IT!
The Devil was the angel of light and music. He used his powers of influence and false enlightenment to disconnect man from the belief of God. So it wouldn't be too far ‘fetched if Artists who chose to give their life to satan influenced you? Call me crazy, weird or whatever but I’ve noticed things that i can’t ignore anymore and it hurts me to see other people blatantly ignore them too. You may ask, how does this benefit us? What can i do to change this? And why would the government do this to its people if it were true? Well it benefits us because like it or not, your being manipulated and controlled. It goes farther than the music industry but today we're just focusing on just that. Throughout history, music has always been an important part of life. The Greeks, ancient Indians, the Romans, even references back to biblical times say music was always associated with relaying a message to its people through sound. Sound sends vibrations within your brain triggering your perceptual system when something is catchy or in this case, an artist you like sings. Once there is a good melodic beat to it, the words to the song become less important to want to understand. What can you do to change this? Well just know what you’re putting into your mind, have a full understanding of your life and have control over it. Whatever your religion may be, have faith in it and not man. What I’ve noticed is that concerts for SOME of these artists are just like rituals that priests did in history. Their followers gathered to emulate them, worship them, envy them and even sometimes hurt other people in respect of their name. You can’t deny that that’s how a BeyoncĂ© concert plays out. At the end of the day, these individuals are man, not the father, not the son nor the Holy Ghost. So why praise them?
How does this benefit us? Well that can only be answered by the connection strength you have in God as well as just having control of your life. Artists like BeyoncĂ©, Rihanna, lady gaga, jay-z and many more praise their "God" by hand signs of praise, symbolic videos showing their initiations, rituals, and even sometimes depression of being in this "game"(they sometimes realize the evil their doing and want to get out...i.e. Michael Jackson). It’s just like a Christian wearing a crucifix or paying homage to God, they do the same with "Sun-God" symbols. Jay-Z's entire foundation is built on satanic references. The “ROC nation" is referenced to the Rockefeller family, supposedly the Rockefellers originated the illuminati, has control of the stock market, banks, music industry and everything that continues revenue in our country...(back to jay-z) his alter ego is "Hova" which is actually short for Jehovah and is another word for God. He wants us to call him God???I don’t care what religion you’re for. That’s blasphemy in the eyes of the Lord. and his "Sun-God" symbol is his logo, the pyramid; where he puts his eye in between his pyramid hand sign (picture below)....i honestly don’t know if these people really sold their soul to the devil for fame, success and fans but the evidence is clearly there and i can only pray God has mercy on their souls. I hope this was sort of informative and I hoped to shine some light to anyone who may have been wondering the same thing I have. All I know is, if they’re not in this so called “Illuminati” and if they didn’t sell their souls to the devil; then why promote most of your career off satanic material referenced back to Egyptian time??? Some of the Egyptians worshiped Pagan Gods (different faces of the devil) sacrificed themselves in hopes of one day being closer to "God". They believed their God was the Sun and they would one day be with him as stars in universe (crazy i know) in actuality they were praising the devil, following their "priests" direction and not having a full understanding. It’s not like this stuff is made up, it’s in our books. People have been manipulating, deceiving and leading each other into doom for centuries. Who’s to say it isn’t still going on? Just because times change, technology change, monuments and cities change, doesn’t mean people change…its one thing to live life blind, but to live a ignorant one is a waste of life.

Friday, June 24, 2011

United States of Lies

What does it mean to be an American? Would that define being blinded by a judicial system that imprisons its people in an effect to solve Social and Political indifference? Brand its citizens with labels signifying Satanism and deem them socially relevant or “cool”? Or would the definition of being an American include allowing its people to lose touch of reality?
Hello, my name is Christopher Carlisle and I have some concerns about what our nation actually stands for. Society has been bamboozled into accepting a life of communism and we don’t even realize it. Look around, it’s among us; on our TVs, in our movies, our clothes, in our music; Communism is a disease that has taken more numbers than the Bubonic Plague. Understanding the concept of communism, you must first understand the definition. Communism is the a Sociopolitical movement (involving both political and social factors) that aim for a classless and stateless society structured upon common ownership of the means of production, free access to articles of consumption, and the end of wage labor and private property in the means of production and real estate. Relating to current Events, look around us; observe how the media remind us each day in the news of how the people of this nation lost touch of humanity. Murder, theft, drugs and adultery separate us instead of connect us as a whole. Commercials advertise how life is supposed to be lived in this country, displaying money, clothing and cars. Endless consumption of material things only to imprison us when we’re considered “too greedy”, music influence us to emulate idols for their fame and success, rather than promote self-worth and to acknowledgment of our own achievements. We unknowingly fall victim to subliminal messaging, false life styles they imprint into our youth signifying that in order to be someone in this world you have to obtain riches, fame and of course followers.
Our government was founded on the very thing that causes people to turn on one another, go against what they believe in and even kill for, Money. Many philosophers have spoken it, the New Testament Bible even quote its deceptive ways. “Money is the root of all -Evil”. Look at our out nation’s one dollar bill, “Radix Malorum est cupiditas” the Latin term translated reads “Greed is the root of evils”. Branded with this phrase, it symbolizes how the very thing we “need” to survive and make a way in America is also the same thing that can cause so much destruction. Funny, right? Even on our money, symbolism from 1782 free masonry still brand our very well being. Symbols like “the all seeing eye” or the “unfinished pyramid” are references to a satanic origin. Our government is not our own, look at the evidence throughout history that shows and proves our government is doesn’t care for our well being. This country’s only main concern is the well being of productivity and the continuance of generating revenue. Our Judicial system designed prisons to solve political and social issues among citizens which promotes and controls slavery, the death penalty, homosexuality and revolutionary acts. The government tries to present this as having order among the American people but who are they actually protecting? If society didn’t program in our minds that money is essential to life, pride is important to be respected and that in order to be acceptable among your peers you must look or dress a certain way.  The government locks away its citizens for the very same thing it creates “sociably acceptable”. Where does it stop? When will history change and stop repeating itself? Like President Obama says; “It’s time for Change” but change for whom? And is it for the better? I fear the future for our youth because as everyday passes we become ignorant to what’s so blatantly in front of our faces. I’m not a revolutionist but I do believe in what’s right and this government has taken the ability from us to know what’s right and wrong. Think about why so many different countries hate our nation, not because they envy and hate our rights as Americans but because our nation is a money hungry country. We’re modern day conquerors; the United States doesn’t give a damn about others in the world, we only lend a helping hand if in some way we will have a favor later. Think about it, The United States is the only country in the world to have ties in some way to each other governments. I believe the U.S. wants to create a “New World Order”, if you’re unfamiliar with the N.W.O. look up the “Illuminati”. Their whole purpose is to create a “One” religion, One Government, “One Nation under God”? Take over land, steal resources (Oil, Crops), own and buy out other small businesses creating a Monopoly government, Create crop shortages by eliminating immigrant workers and sending them back to their country, this is what’s happening around you…Wake up people...Till next time!