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Monday, June 27, 2011

Ignorance is Bliss...For Some

Ignorance is Bliss For Some
by Christopher Carlisle on Tuesday, May 3, 2011 at 11:37am

I think the worst thing you could do is to show someone that your ignorant...ignorance is a disease that is taking our society by whole. Not being knowledgeable of the things going on around you is completely naive and in a state, its being ignorant. It hurts my heart when my very own race sometimes are recognized for being ignorant and uneducated. The African American society "Now-a-Days" have gotten so caught up in humanity and addiction, its sad. Look at the entertainment world, We idolize stars for money, drugs, and sex. money, has always been depicted as "the root of all evil" but yet we STILL are obsessed with it, Drugs have altered our mindset and the ability to think clear because we constantly pump our bodies of it, and Sex in the black society is considered an addiction, look at the HIV & AIDS statistics. The Black race has the highest positive rate than any other race in the world for contracting HIV/AIDS...why is that?? because we fall feeble to..addiction. We put our minds in boxes and ship them off for someone else to do the thinking.We as a whole make ourselves "ignorant". Our Ancestors were idolized for being Kings and Queens, making decisions in life that changed peoples lives as well. We made a difference in history and every modern marvel is proof of that. The pyramids, The Stone Henge, Dames, Bridges, Monumental statues, even Arithmetic has been traced back to being originated in Africa. All of these inventions were created by the black race but nun credited to them. I am not trying to play the "the White man is the devil" phrase but history doesn't lie, only the future does.We've lost track of the main reason why The Black race was put on this earth, for originality and diversity. We as a race has added more achievements, more intellectual advancements than any other race. and if you don't believe me, look it up. its there. Break yourself out of ignorance, because if you don't...who will?? So much has been taking from our history, only the minor things were left in. Don't get me wrong, Martin Luther King was a amazing man. but he was only a vessel to convey the message of God.Martin Luther King was put on this earth to remind our race that we are stronger than what we think we are, to not become victims of ignorance but to make a difference. but yet, everyday you see we fall short to the very thing we are recognized for.Money..Drugs..& Sex and what does it do, kill us. Become a vessel, educate yourself and realize that you can make a difference...hell, your ancestors did..why not you?

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