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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Its Tuesday

Good Morning my Bloggers,
today is Tuesday and I'm currently sitting at my desk at work. This morning i woke up still thinking about yesterday. I had a heated debate with some friends over a previous blog i posted. They don't feel the same way about what i believe in and i can understand that,i really can. but i sometimes feel like they take me for a fool because of what i talk about. I feel like I'm the butt of the joke when i mention symbolism i see, its like they see it but think I'm crazy for reading up on it. I don't know, i try to put myself in their shoes but i don't think they do the same for me. i ended up sending them a message explaining how i felt about the situation and we talked about it. I believe everything is cool now but i believe maybe we will have to eventually talk about it again,face to face; because i feel like things aren't still addressed on this issue.till then i wont mention it around them because i guess i value their friendship that much to not bring it up if it makes them uncomfortable...

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