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Monday, June 27, 2011

Music and Its Influence on you

Music and its influence on you
By Christopher Carlisle on Sunday, June 26, 2011 at 11:23am
Music can remain in your subconscious for years at time and can honestly make u victim to things your conscious isn’t aware of. Have you ever had a stupid song stuck in your head that you don't know how it got there? Or started singing a song out the blue that u haven’t heard in a min? Your subconscious retains all of this, even when you’re too blind to notice its influence on your mind. READ ABOUT IT!
The Devil was the angel of light and music. He used his powers of influence and false enlightenment to disconnect man from the belief of God. So it wouldn't be too far ‘fetched if Artists who chose to give their life to satan influenced you? Call me crazy, weird or whatever but I’ve noticed things that i can’t ignore anymore and it hurts me to see other people blatantly ignore them too. You may ask, how does this benefit us? What can i do to change this? And why would the government do this to its people if it were true? Well it benefits us because like it or not, your being manipulated and controlled. It goes farther than the music industry but today we're just focusing on just that. Throughout history, music has always been an important part of life. The Greeks, ancient Indians, the Romans, even references back to biblical times say music was always associated with relaying a message to its people through sound. Sound sends vibrations within your brain triggering your perceptual system when something is catchy or in this case, an artist you like sings. Once there is a good melodic beat to it, the words to the song become less important to want to understand. What can you do to change this? Well just know what you’re putting into your mind, have a full understanding of your life and have control over it. Whatever your religion may be, have faith in it and not man. What I’ve noticed is that concerts for SOME of these artists are just like rituals that priests did in history. Their followers gathered to emulate them, worship them, envy them and even sometimes hurt other people in respect of their name. You can’t deny that that’s how a BeyoncĂ© concert plays out. At the end of the day, these individuals are man, not the father, not the son nor the Holy Ghost. So why praise them?
How does this benefit us? Well that can only be answered by the connection strength you have in God as well as just having control of your life. Artists like BeyoncĂ©, Rihanna, lady gaga, jay-z and many more praise their "God" by hand signs of praise, symbolic videos showing their initiations, rituals, and even sometimes depression of being in this "game"(they sometimes realize the evil their doing and want to get out...i.e. Michael Jackson). It’s just like a Christian wearing a crucifix or paying homage to God, they do the same with "Sun-God" symbols. Jay-Z's entire foundation is built on satanic references. The “ROC nation" is referenced to the Rockefeller family, supposedly the Rockefellers originated the illuminati, has control of the stock market, banks, music industry and everything that continues revenue in our country...(back to jay-z) his alter ego is "Hova" which is actually short for Jehovah and is another word for God. He wants us to call him God???I don’t care what religion you’re for. That’s blasphemy in the eyes of the Lord. and his "Sun-God" symbol is his logo, the pyramid; where he puts his eye in between his pyramid hand sign (picture below)....i honestly don’t know if these people really sold their soul to the devil for fame, success and fans but the evidence is clearly there and i can only pray God has mercy on their souls. I hope this was sort of informative and I hoped to shine some light to anyone who may have been wondering the same thing I have. All I know is, if they’re not in this so called “Illuminati” and if they didn’t sell their souls to the devil; then why promote most of your career off satanic material referenced back to Egyptian time??? Some of the Egyptians worshiped Pagan Gods (different faces of the devil) sacrificed themselves in hopes of one day being closer to "God". They believed their God was the Sun and they would one day be with him as stars in universe (crazy i know) in actuality they were praising the devil, following their "priests" direction and not having a full understanding. It’s not like this stuff is made up, it’s in our books. People have been manipulating, deceiving and leading each other into doom for centuries. Who’s to say it isn’t still going on? Just because times change, technology change, monuments and cities change, doesn’t mean people change…its one thing to live life blind, but to live a ignorant one is a waste of life.

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