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Friday, June 24, 2011

United States of Lies

What does it mean to be an American? Would that define being blinded by a judicial system that imprisons its people in an effect to solve Social and Political indifference? Brand its citizens with labels signifying Satanism and deem them socially relevant or “cool”? Or would the definition of being an American include allowing its people to lose touch of reality?
Hello, my name is Christopher Carlisle and I have some concerns about what our nation actually stands for. Society has been bamboozled into accepting a life of communism and we don’t even realize it. Look around, it’s among us; on our TVs, in our movies, our clothes, in our music; Communism is a disease that has taken more numbers than the Bubonic Plague. Understanding the concept of communism, you must first understand the definition. Communism is the a Sociopolitical movement (involving both political and social factors) that aim for a classless and stateless society structured upon common ownership of the means of production, free access to articles of consumption, and the end of wage labor and private property in the means of production and real estate. Relating to current Events, look around us; observe how the media remind us each day in the news of how the people of this nation lost touch of humanity. Murder, theft, drugs and adultery separate us instead of connect us as a whole. Commercials advertise how life is supposed to be lived in this country, displaying money, clothing and cars. Endless consumption of material things only to imprison us when we’re considered “too greedy”, music influence us to emulate idols for their fame and success, rather than promote self-worth and to acknowledgment of our own achievements. We unknowingly fall victim to subliminal messaging, false life styles they imprint into our youth signifying that in order to be someone in this world you have to obtain riches, fame and of course followers.
Our government was founded on the very thing that causes people to turn on one another, go against what they believe in and even kill for, Money. Many philosophers have spoken it, the New Testament Bible even quote its deceptive ways. “Money is the root of all -Evil”. Look at our out nation’s one dollar bill, “Radix Malorum est cupiditas” the Latin term translated reads “Greed is the root of evils”. Branded with this phrase, it symbolizes how the very thing we “need” to survive and make a way in America is also the same thing that can cause so much destruction. Funny, right? Even on our money, symbolism from 1782 free masonry still brand our very well being. Symbols like “the all seeing eye” or the “unfinished pyramid” are references to a satanic origin. Our government is not our own, look at the evidence throughout history that shows and proves our government is doesn’t care for our well being. This country’s only main concern is the well being of productivity and the continuance of generating revenue. Our Judicial system designed prisons to solve political and social issues among citizens which promotes and controls slavery, the death penalty, homosexuality and revolutionary acts. The government tries to present this as having order among the American people but who are they actually protecting? If society didn’t program in our minds that money is essential to life, pride is important to be respected and that in order to be acceptable among your peers you must look or dress a certain way.  The government locks away its citizens for the very same thing it creates “sociably acceptable”. Where does it stop? When will history change and stop repeating itself? Like President Obama says; “It’s time for Change” but change for whom? And is it for the better? I fear the future for our youth because as everyday passes we become ignorant to what’s so blatantly in front of our faces. I’m not a revolutionist but I do believe in what’s right and this government has taken the ability from us to know what’s right and wrong. Think about why so many different countries hate our nation, not because they envy and hate our rights as Americans but because our nation is a money hungry country. We’re modern day conquerors; the United States doesn’t give a damn about others in the world, we only lend a helping hand if in some way we will have a favor later. Think about it, The United States is the only country in the world to have ties in some way to each other governments. I believe the U.S. wants to create a “New World Order”, if you’re unfamiliar with the N.W.O. look up the “Illuminati”. Their whole purpose is to create a “One” religion, One Government, “One Nation under God”? Take over land, steal resources (Oil, Crops), own and buy out other small businesses creating a Monopoly government, Create crop shortages by eliminating immigrant workers and sending them back to their country, this is what’s happening around you…Wake up people...Till next time!

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