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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Whats your Equation?

When you think about all the things you've experienced in your life as well as the things you've imprinted into this world, what would it consist of? Throughout history, Man's purpose in life was to exist; to have meaning, purpose. Times have truly changed since history books where people saw the things that hurt society and changed it, now however we sit back and watch these things happen to us and do nothing because we feel like, what can we do? So I’ve been thinking; what have I personally imprinted into this world? What can be said about me when I’m long and gone? Will I just fade-to-black like everyone else who didn’t make a difference and lived life? Or will I be something remarkable? I don’t know about anyone else but I strive to be great and when I don’t, I feel meaningless. Recently I’ve been reevaluating my career path and it’s so much I want to accomplish. It’s not about the money at all; I just want to do something that will benefit my society, my family and community. As long as I have a stable life, money is something the white man can keep. Cheesy as it sounds, but i want to make a difference. I rather see my people lift up than constantly fall and repeat a cycle of ignorance, poverty and violence. So what if I don’t change history books, i rather change the lives of the people who share the world around me; that’s a even better feeling.
So when you think about the things you've imprinted into this world, your society and even to the people around you; what does it consist of? What would your equation be? Could the good things you've done multiply your life or would the bad subtract from the good? Just something to think about i guess, I was always told that there are three types of people in the world. People that do good, some that do Bad to others and the ones that DO absolutely nothing. What does your equation equal to?

Friday, July 15, 2011


Stuck in a whirlwind,
Gasping for air.
Worse than suffocation,
But something like deprivation.

Feeling after feeling,
Weighed upon my shoulders.
Not knowing if I want to remain,
Or move further.

These thoughts tremble through my dome,
Leaving me in the zone
And feeling alone...

No more room for mistakes,
Thus avoiding confusion.
My life is an open book,
Time to write my conclusion…


Derived from a meaning that subsides my emotions...
Cascading on a armada that cruises your oceans...

These invisible words that project my vocals
Only lead to expressing my inner emotions...

Can't keep them wrapped and hidden within
Because it cages the truth that I've kept secret and thin...

And then I let go things I've wanted say,
Only to be ignored by you because of the way I explained...

Its like a race I can't win,
Or a hurdle I can't leap..
Like a lifetime cigarette,
Burning endlessly.

Like A buzz I can't escape,
Like a domino effect
My thoughts and inner emotions....subsides.

These feelings within, are my emotions.
Derived from a meaning...Cruising...your oceans...

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fading Faces

Things start to seem unclear and faces start to fade..
Visions of shadowy figures capture my brain.
They hold me down and close my eyes
as they whisper false hope and lies
images of death and disparity cloud my judgement
as sounds of hope raises my awareness.
it has to be some good among all this evil
something to live life for in hope of obtaining,
obtaining truth, promise and Love in his grace
but why am i seeing all these fading faces?