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Friday, August 19, 2011

Turning Point

As i think about the choices or possible decisions these celebrities make to chose the life they live, i wonder...what choices have i made that affect my life? when was my turning point into the "dark side"? i strongly believe that everyone who inhabit this life has lived or currently live a life of Sin but WHEN is the question? Can you actually ask yourself that? when did my life change for the worse? or maybe you dont think your life is actually bad...i find that hard to believe because we all as humans fight with our inner demons, some just dont choose to confront them. I believe in order to walk in the imagine of God we must know what it feels to Sin. Feel the temptation of it and its temporary relief but know the difference. We are not perfect, but i believe each and every day God tries to make us just a little more remarkable. Learn from your mistakes, learn from the bad so you can out weigh it with Good. Everyday we are confronted with Sin and society doesnt make it any better for us to live a richeous life. Society shows that its appropriate to have sex before marriage, to be promiscuous, to imulate someone other than God, to be deceitful, prideful of the things man accomplished, etc...I just realize alot and it makes sense to me. The purpose of this note is not to preach or condemn but to uplift. We are in a spiritual war and we're losing...society show us that everyday. I for one am guilty of the sins i have committed but thats the thing, i want to change and it is possible to. I've always been told that religion is cant truly be a Christian, a muslim, a buddaist or even an athiest if you dont put in work. I believe in order to truly understand why you worship someone or understand why you live the life you do, is to work to understand.


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