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Friday, August 19, 2011

who knows?

Who’s to say that marijuana wasn’t meant to be consumed? I mean... think about it logically and not from an addiction point of view. Marijuana is the only other substance that doesn’t contain additives...cocaine, crack, ecstasy, acid; on the other hand are all drugs that contain chemicals and other additives. Even the alcohol we consume contains additives. Beer, gin, vodka...All are not naturally made. Wine on the other hand is. Even the bible speaks of drinking Wine. Jesus Christ turned water into Wine because wine was always used as a celebratory substance... (Like weed?)But before you say, drugs are a sin. Hold on! Because the bible says, to be an "irresponsible drunk is a sin" so in actuality, drinking is not bad it’s the drinking yourself to death part that’s the problem, which is gluttony; Death by consumption. Like I said before, I’m not speaking from a personal interest point of view; I’m just thinking logically and based on facts. So...who knows?? I could be completely wrong but at the same time, I could be right. Marijuana is looked at as a psychological drug because I believe that it is. Weed is a healing drug and I say that from personal experience. There have been times where you can remember the slightest memory from years ago, or have a deep thought about something that you would have never thought about "sober". Weed is used for medicinal purpose and has been used for over 4,300 years. We currently have used it to cure glaucoma patients, because I once again believe weed is a healing drug. they say it kills brain cells but honestly when you think about it when you gain more knowledge or become smarter...your brain cells die and then begin to heal in order to become better...who’s to say that that can’t happen? I believe if you had control while using marijuana it could open doors to so much. And I could be wrong but even our greatest philosophers and inventors had to start at some kind of here is mine.

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