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Monday, September 19, 2011

Negrophobia exists in America

Is it possible for an individual to be negrophobic? Well I ask myself that and I’ve been reading lately on events that have happened in our country that I never knew existed. From Fake health vaccinations, Social & Economic indifference, Syphilis injections that led to future brain stem dysfunction... And etc... It shines light on my suspicions on how dirty our government is and how it’s been to our African American race...but is it because of intimidation of knowing what the African race is capable of advancing to? Or is it that fact that they never saw us as equals or "humans" in the first place? And when I say "they" I mean the ignorant, Money & power hungry western European men in our country. Now before you say oh hell naw, hear me out...One thing history does, it doesn’t lie. We can never change the past but we can learn from it. In 1906, Atlanta had its very own Race riot, where hundreds of black men and women were beaten, assaulted and some dozens killed all because the "Atlanta Georgian" newspaper supposedly reported black men raping white women. That caused thousands of angry white men and Boys to riot thru downtown Atlanta killing black business owners and destroying property. Overall no one received imprisonment for their crimes, only they were asked to back down because they were tarnishing the image of the now "booming southern city". The first black man wasn’t able to vote in America until 1865 after the civil war, for a period of 90 years, States within the county fought to suppress our rights as human beings to eliminate our right to vote. I believe they wanted blacks to remain inferior to the white politicians and government officials and sought out depopulation on our race. I've read cases where white officials felt threatened by blacks; because of their mass growth rate, their job competitions, becoming "middle class” individuals and educating themselves. Thus believing Negrophobia exists. Our country was founded on it! Cases like in Tuskegee, AL where health officials administered fake vaccinations containing the syphilis disease, exposing hundreds of blacks to brain failure, respiratory problems and mental problems that was a sense of "dumbing down" people. They were never charged legally for the event, they didn’t even provide the real "penicillin" vaccines to the town people even years after it was exposed... if that doesn’t mean eliminating people then I’m clueless then.. I firmly believe HIV/AIDS is the "black disease" it’s a epidemic created in the 1980s to depopulate if not, kill entirely the black race. That’s why it affects millions of African Americans today; through spreading it. For them to come to a city specifically with intent to expose someone to a disease answers my questions on them creating a disease they said came from someone having sex with a monkey...? I don’t buy it at all. I didn’t write this to prove a point it was mainly to just open your eyes to what we constantly are made of mockery of. That the reason hiv exists is because of "nasty blacks"... Some may be true; I can see that when it comes to people just being unsafe but I can’t buy the fact that we produced it and why it’s so prone to blacks?? It might be a theory, but I believe the reason why so many people are dying in Africa from AIDS is because their being injected with it. Think about it, we have foundations and organizations displayed on the TV everyday supporting aids awareness and donating money to fight for a cure but I start to think, the people that supposedly go over there to give vaccinations are probably the ones injecting these people. I mean...would it really be that big of a stress? Its Africa, 79.5 percent of South Africa is Black. Seems like a easy shot.

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